IRSPSD aims to explore sustainable urban forms within the disciplines of regional and urban planning. Considering the impact of planning policy on spatial planning implementation, we seek to develop bodies of knowledge from original studies and promote critical debates on emerging issues and practice from researchers on an integrated multidisciplinary platform that reflects a variety of perspectives—such as economic development, social equality and equity, and ecological protection— with a holistic view of achieving sustainable urban form.


Expert Perspectives

Michael Batty [Citation]

Planning the 21st Century City – Four Snapshots for a New Science

International Review for Spatial Planning and Sustainable Development, Vol. 9(1), 1-8

Demographic growth and the continued evolution of cities call for a new approach to better observe and research our understanding of cities. A new science based on big data, urban modelling and network theory is emerging, providing a different and rather new perspective for planners and decision-makers so that they might learn about both current and future cities. In this article, the new science is briefly introduced from four aspects: Aggregate dynamics; Form and function; High frequency cities; and New tools & techniques for planning. Examples are given to show how this new science illustrates the real-time city, as well as the structure and functional boundaries of a city, while future practice and further exploration of this new science in urban planning and policy making are explored.


International Review for Spatial Planning and Sustainable Development, 2021, Vol. 9(3)
Newly published issue

Seven papers published in this issue, are contributed from the studies of spatial perception on walkability, solar panel dissemination and discomfort, COVID19 risk perception, planning strategies on open space and industrial development, evaluation indicators of happy city in residential area after planning implementation, across both developed and developing countries including Australia, Japan, South Korea, China, Indonesia, and Iran.


Main Section

Robert Hellberg, Mirko Guaralda, Damrongsak Rinchumphu [Citation] Download PDF (518K)

Ryohei Yamashita, Hedetsugu Morimoto [Citation] Download PDF (951K)

Tsolmon Bayrsaikhan, Jiwon Lee, Moon Hyun Kim, ae-Hyoung Tommy Gim [Citation] Download PDF (515K)

Section: Planning Strategies and Design Concepts

Floriberta Binarti, Hanson E. Kusuma, M. Donny Koerniawan, Sugeng Triyadi [Citation] Download PDF (718K)

Jiemin Liu, Wei Li [Citation] Download PDF (1320K)

Section: Planning and Design Implementation

Pitri Yandri, Dominicus Savio Priyarsono, Akhmad Fauzi, Arya Hadi Dharmawan [Citation] Download PDF (1176K)

Seyed Sajjad Abdollahpour, Ehsan Sharifi, Reza Ghazi [Citation] Download PDF (757K)




When submitting a manuscript, please select one from the following four sections: A- Planning Strategies and Design concepts, B-Planning Analysis and Simulation, C- Planning and Design Implementation, and D- Planning Assessment.



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