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2021 Vol.9 Issue 1

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Michael Batty [Citation]

Planning the 21st Century City – Four Snapshots for a New Science
























Li-Wei Liu, Yi-Shiang Shiu, Ying-Chen Lin [Citation]

Editorial introduction


Acosta Guacaneme Sandra, Diaz Diaz Freddy [Citation]

Landscape patterns for emerging mountainside ecotourism


Hui-Chun Tsuang, Ko-Chiu Wu, Kuang-Hui Peng [Citation]

Social housing residents' community participation under the impact of lease period restrictions


Ching-Hsi Chen Tsai, Lih-Yau Song, Kuang-Hui Peng [Citation]

Discussion on the Influence of Community Planners on Building Resilient Communities


Respati Wikantiyoso, Diyah Sukanti Cahyaningsih, Aditya Galih Sulaksono, Sri Widayati, Dina Poerwoningsih, Etikawati Triyosoputri [Citation]

Development of Sustainable Community-Based Tourism in Kampong Grangsil, Jambangan Village, Dampit District, Malang Regency

Section : Planning Strategies and Design Concepts (Fuzhou Office)


Adjie Pamungkas, Santika Purwitaningsih [Citation]

Is Surabaya being planned as a low-risk city?




Shulin Chen, Noriko Akita [Citation]

Rural Complex