International Review for Spatial Planning and Sustainable Development

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2021 Vol.9 Issue 2

 Main Section

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Tae-Heon Moon [Citation]

Editorial introduction



Yoonjee Baek, Heesun Joo [Citation]

Determinants of Resident Satisfaction with Urban Renewal Projects



Tae-Hyoung Tommy Gim [Citation]

Comparing Happiness Determinants for Urban Residents












Hoon Han, Sumin Kim, Mee Youn Jin, Chris Pettit [Citation]

Providing affordable housing through urban renewal projects in Australia:


 Xizi Xu, Noriko Akita [Citation]

Demolition/reconstruction, and comprehensive renovation? Reflections on the renewal of urban villages in North China


Yong Lin, Zhenjiang Shen, Xiao Teng [Citation]

Review on Data Sharing in Smart City Planning Based on Mobile Phone Signaling Big Data

Section : Planning Strategies and Design Concepts (Fuzhou Office)


Sara Mirzaei, Ali Zangiabadi [Citation]

Studying and Complying Dimensions, Indicators and Variables Related to a Happy City



Makrand Wagale, Ajit Pratap Singh, A. K. Sarkar [Citation]

Socio-economic impacts of low-volume roads using a mixed-method approach of PCA and Fuzzy-TOPSIS

Section: Planning and Design Implementation (Palu Office)


Wisnu Setiawan, Amar [Citation]

Spatial Perception towards Social Conflicts and the Built Environment in Indonesia








Syaiful Muazir, Horng-Chang Hsieh [Citation]

An Application of Adaptive Network Urbanism


Chandan Mysore Chandrashekar, Bharath H Aithal [Citation]

Impact assessment of Corridor Oriented development