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2015 Vol.3 Issue 4

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Shichen Zhao and Akira Ohgai

Editorial introduction


He Li, Shichen Zhao and Daqiang Wang [Citation]

Urbanization Patterns of China’s Cities in 1990-2010


Prasanna Divigalpitiya  and K. Nurul Handayani [Citation]

Measuring the Urban Expansion Process of Yogyakarta City in Indonesia

Urban expansion process and spatial and temporal characteristics of growing cities


Shirou Tsuboi, Shinji Ikaruga, and Takeshi Kobayashi [Citation]

Study ona Method of Making a Concentrated Urban Structure Model Based on an Urban Master Plan

46-56 Shigeyuki Kurose and Ichiro Matsunaga [Citation]

Study on Regional Characteristics and Exchanges Among Regions in Fukuoka Wide Area

57-74  Kazuki Karashima, Akira Ohgai and Atsushi Motose [Citation]

A Spatial Simulation Model to Explore Agglutination of Residential Areas and Public Service Facilities

75-85 Zhuoran Li , Yan Wang and Shichen Zhao [Citation]

Study of Intercity Travel Characteristics in Chinese Urban Agglomeration