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2015 Vol.3 Issue 2 

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Ying Zhang , Yuanyi Zhang and Anrong Dang

Editorial introduction


Tiyao SUI-QUI and Hong LENG [Citation]

Review on the Development of a Sustainability Indicator System in Agenda 21 for Tourism in Mexico


Kuan-Hua Huang and Jen-Te Pai [Citation]

A Study on Promotion Mechanisms and the Future of Government-led Urban Renewal Projects from the Perspective of Land Ethics


Jen Te Pai and Shih Ying Pai [Citation]

User Behaviour Analysis of the Public Bike System in Taipei

53-67 Yuanyi Zhang , Ying Zhang, Zhenjiang Shen Tatsuya Nishino and Xiaojuan Chen [Citation]

3D Laser Scanning Technology-based Historic Building Mapping for Historic Preservation A Case Study of Shang Shu Di in Fujian Province, China

68-78  Kenichi Sugihara [Citation]

Automatic Generation of 3D Building Models for Sustainable Development

79-95  Yushi Utaka [Citation]

Managing “Buffer”
A Special Focus on the Itsukushima Shinto Shrine World Heritage Site, Japan