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2015 Vol.3 Issue 1 

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Misato Uehara, Anrong Dang

Editorial introduction


Kuang-Hui Peng, Yao-Chi Kuo, Hsin-Yi Lin [Citation]

The Use of Vertical Greening in Urban Rehabilitation to Improve Sustainability of the Environment in Taiwan


Dogan Dursun, Merve Yavas [Citation]

Climate-Sensitive Urban Design in Cold Climate Zone: The City of Erzurum, Turkey


Yoon-seo Huh, Yoon-ah Hur, Sun-young Yoon, Emila Widawati, Yong-hoon Son [Citation]

Challenges and Tasks of Ecobridges in Seoul Based on the Ecobridge-use Behavior Survey 

In the Case of Ecobridges in Dongjak-gu and Gwanak-gu

56-73                                 Qianna Wang, Lin Peng, Martin Mwirigi M'ikiugu, Isami Kinoshita, Zhicong Zhao [Citation]

Key Factors for Renewable Energy Promotion and Its Sustainability Values in Rural Areas: Findings from Japanese and Chinese Case Studies

74-87                                   Yawei Chen [Citation]

Legacy Creation Strategy in Olympic Cities 

The path towards sustainable development?

88-97       Min Kyung-chan, Kim Jee-young, Son Yong-hoon [Citation]

Spontaneous Urban Agricultural Lands as Potential Green Open Space

98-118       Nor- Hisham, Md- Saman, Peter Ho [Citation]

The Perception of Land Rights Impacts due to the Abolition of a Native Title (NT): Evidence from the Bakun Hydroelectric Project (BHP) and the Kelau Dam Project (KDP) in Malaysia

119-130                                  Misato Uehara, Tadayoshi Inoue, Gen Shintaku [Citation]

The Favorable Settlement Relocation Process After the 2011 Earthquake and Tsunami Disaster in Japan by Evaluating Site Environments and Accessibility