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2015 Vol.3 Issue 3

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Yan Liu and Anrong Dang

Editorial introduction


Miaoyi Li, Jing Deng, Lun Liu , Ying Long and Zhenjiang Shen [Citation]

Evacuation Simulation and Evaluation of Different Scenarios based on Traffic Grid Model and High Performance Computing


Yan MA and Yunfeng LI [Citation]

Conceptual Research on Decision Making Meetings for Urban Water Management


Ryosuke Ando and Yasuhiro Mimura [Citation]

On relations of the consciousness of garbage truck drivers and their experiences of unsafe driving behaviors

36-49 Xihe Jiao, Ying Jin, Oliver Gunawan and Philip James [Citation]

Modelling Spatial Distribution of Outdoor Recreation Trips of Urban Residents
An in-depth study in Salford, UK

50-62  Xuefei Li, Zhenjiang Shen, Fumihiko Kobayashi [Citation]

Planning review on residential environment of  low-rent housing:  a method to solve low-rent housing space insufficiency in Tianjin, China