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2016 Vol.4 Issue 4

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Feng Zhen and Jen Te Pai

Editorial introduction


Lafang Wang, Xia Liu and Meimei Tan [Citation]

Regional Differences of the Driving Factors and Decoupling Effect of Carbon Emissions Evidence from China's Pollution-Intensive Industry


Valérie Fernandez, Gilles Puel, Clément Renaud [Citation]

The Open Innovation Paradigm: from Outsourcing to Open-sourcing in Shenzhen, China


Guangliang Xi, Feng Zhen and Enyu Chang [Citation]

Measuring Urban Space of Flows in Information Era: Empirical Evidence from Nanjing, China

58-68                                  Zongcai Wei, Bo Wang, Tingting Chen, Yunqi Lin [Citation]

Community development in urban Guangzhou since 1980: a social sustainability perspective

69-87                                 Feifei Xu, Lorraine Brown, Philip Long [Citation]

Travel Experiences and Aspirations: A Case Study from Chinese Youth

88-104  Ruixi Zhao and Yan Li [Citation]

Greenhouse Gas Inventory Accounting for Chinese Cities: A Preliminary Study