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2016 Vol.4 Issue 3

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Wangtu(Ato) Xu, Jen te Pai

Editorial introduction


Shu-Ying Tsai, Ting-Yueh Chen, Chuan-Jen Ning [Citation]

lderly People's Social Support and Walking Space by Space-time Path: 

A Case Study of Taipei Xinyi District


Longzhu Xiao, Wangtu(Ato) Xu, Jixiang Liu [Citation]

Detecting Urban Dynamics with Taxi Trip Data for Evaluation and Optimizing of Spatial Planning: The Example of Xiamen City, China


Jianxin Lin, Jifeng Dai, Rui Song [Citation]

Status and Problems in Location Model Research for Guidance Signage in Comprehensive Passenger Transportation Hubs

36-44                                  Zhihong Li, Li Zhao, Zhenzhou Yuan [Citation]

Highway Transportation Efficiency Evaluation for Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region Based on Advanced DEA Model

45-57                                 Dan Li, Hongwei Guo, Xianzhi Wang, Ze Liu, Cheng Li, Wuhong Wang [Citation]

Analyzing the Effectiveness of Policy Instruments on New Energy Vehicle Industry using Consistent Fuzzy Preference Relations 

A case study in China

58-69  Po-Wen Huang [Citation]

A Comparative Study on the Present Government Procurement Act and Act for Promotion of Private Participation in Infrastructure Projects in Taiwan