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2016 Vol.4 Issue 1 

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Tracey Taylor, Zhenjiang Shen

Editorial introduction


Xue Zhang, Yanwei Chai, Zifeng Chen, Yiming Tan [Citation]

Analysis of spatial and temporal patterns of daily activities of suburban residents based on GPS data: A case study of the Shangdi-Qinghe area of Beijing


Bai Suling, Ying Zhang, Claudia Stancanelli [Citation]

Protection and regeneration of traditional buildings based on BIM:A case study of Qing Dynasty tea house in Guifeng Village


Bo Bi, Xiaoling Zhang [Citation]

Attending Nearby Schools” in Central Beijing: Influencing Factors and the Policy Distortion

49-63                                  Enyu Chang, Feng Zhen, Yang Cao [Citation]

Empirical Analysis of the Digital Divide from the Perspective of Internet Usage Patterns: A Case Study of Nanjing

64-77                                 Kuan-Hua Huang, Jen-Te Pai, Jen-Hua Liu [Citation]

Study of Performance Assessment for Urban Renewal Project in Taipei City

78-90      Dang Anrong, Gongli Li, Juan Li, Xianjuan Kong [Citation]

Research on Smart Community Planning of Yishanwan, China towards New Urbanization

91-105     Yang Shi, Lanchun Bian [Citation]

Regeneration of Historic Area with Social Orientation: 

Investigation and Analysis of Three Historic Areas in Beijing

106-122                                  Kitika Chiranthanin, Katsuhiko Suzuki [Citation]

Integrated Neighbourhood Network on A Case Study of Condominium Community: Nimmanhaemin District, Chiang Mai Thailand