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2018 Vol.6 Issue 3

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Yan LI and Yong-Hoon Son [Citation]

Editorial introduction


Hui-Chun Tsuang, Kuang-Hui Peng [Citation]

The Livability of Social Housing Communities in Taiwan: A Case Study of Taipei City


Pindo Tutuko, Edi Subagijo, Nurul Aini [Citation]

The Planning and Design of Residential Facilities in Poor Areas with Limited Land


Erika Yuliantari, Tria Anggita Hafsari, Ryanda Prima [Citation]

Site Selection for Public Health Centres (Puskesmas) Using Spatial Multicriteria Analysis in Purworejo Region

49-62                                  Xiangyang Wu, Xinran Qin, Huixing Zhou [Citation]

Use of community spaces for sports and fitness – a case study of urban inhabitants in Shenzhen City, China


  Shuangying Yu, Tiezhan Lu, Xuepeng Qian, Weisheng


  Behavioral Intention Analysis of Waste Separation in China - Case            Study  of Hangzhou Using Theory of Planned Behavior

78-93                                                     Xue Tian, Yan Li[Citation]

Key factors of people’s willingness to pay for green buildings in a less developed region in China: A pilot research effort in Shanxi Province

94-109                             Xiaolong Zou, Xiling Zhu [Citation]

Soft Power of Chinese Cities: Factors that Attract International Students to Study in Changchun City

110-120                                                              Yiwen Han, Wanmo Kang, Youngkeun Song [Citation]

Mapping and Quantifying Variations in Ecosystem Services of Urban Green Spaces: A Test Case of Carbon Sequestration at the District Scale for Seoul, Korea (1975–2015)

Section : Planning Strategies and Design Concepts (Fuzhou Office)


Wei Zuo, Wenyue Li[Citation]

Editorial introduction


Jian Liu[Citation]

Coordination through Integration


Junzhe Wan, Yifan Li, Zongbo Tan [Citation]

Exploring how to Lead the Transformation of Small and Medium-Sized Cities by Integration of Multi Planning


Arief Hidayat, Shintaro Terabe, Hideki Yaginuma [Citation]

Determine Non-Passenger Data from WiFi Scanner Data (MAC Address), A Case Study: Romango Bus, Obuse, Nagano Prefecture, Japan

168-184 Tianxin Hu, Jing Zhou [Citation]

Co-exist or Integrate?


Xin Lian[Citation]

Review on Advanced Practice of Provincial Spatial Planning: Case of a Western, Less Developed Province


Wenyue Li, Yue Zhang[Citation]

Triangle Law or Power Law?