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2018 Vol.6 Issue 1

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Fang-Qu Niu, Wei-Dong Liu, Ming-Xing Chen [Citation]

An Integrated Land Use and Transport Model to Examine Polycentric Policies of Beijing


Kazuki Karashima, Akira Ohgai [Citation]

An Evacuation Simulator for Exploring Mutual Assistance Activities in Neighborhood Communities for Earthquake Disaster Mitigation


Laksni Sedyowati, Turijan, Suhardjono, Ery Suhartanto, Mohammad Sholichin [Citation]

Runoff Behavior on Urban Road Intersection based on Flow Profile Simulation


Linchuan Yang, Bo Wang, Yunyi Zhang, Ziwei Ye, Yuzhuo Wang, Pengfei Li [Citation]

Willing to pay more for high-quality schools?

63-82                                  Bingqiu Yan, Xiaolu Gao, Zhenjiang Shen [Citation]

Prospective living arrangement of China's urban elderly and development of an Agent-based Simulation (ABS) model for elderly care needs