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2017 Vol.5 Issue 3     

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Rim Meziani, Jen Tei Pai

Editorial introduction


Adnan Husnéin [Citation]

The Evolving Role of Modern Urbanistic Heritage in Shaping Sustainable Public Realm: The Case of Abu Dhabi


Talal Al-Awadhi [Citation]

Local Spatial Impacts of Globalization in Developing Countries: The Case of Sohar, Oman


Emad S. Mushtaha [Citation]

Qualitative Study on Urban Morphology and Social Problems in Multi-Story Housing Projects Ajman City as a Case Study

53-65     Rim Meziani, Hussien Ali Hussien [Citation]

A Study on the Space Layout and Configuration of Shopping Malls in Relation to Pedestrian Movement Behavior - Case of UAE

66-78   Yi-Su Chen, Li-Wei Liu [Citation]

Interaction and Integration of Cultural Inheritance, Ecotourism, and Industrial Development

79-99  Dillip Kumar Das [Citation]

Exploring the Politico-Cultural Dimensions for Development of Smart Cities in India

100-115  Jiangping Zhou, Mingshu Wang, Ying Long[Citation]

Big data for intrametropolitan human movement studies: A case study of bus commuters based on smart card data

116-133  Seth Mberego, Yan Li[Citation]

The Expansion of Densely Inhabited Districts in a Megacity - Case of Tokyo