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2017 Vol.5 Issue 2

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Yonghoon Son, Xiaolu Gao, Ninglong You

Editorial introduction


Haoying Han, Qiwei Ma, Yonghua Li [Citation]

Urban Growth Boundaries of the Hangzhou Metropolitan Area Based on Ecosystem Service


Maocheng Zhen, Xiaolu Gao, Haihong Yuan [Citation]

An Empirical Study on Environmental Efficiency Assessment in Urban Industrial Concentration Areas


Yung-Jaan Lee [Citation]

Building Resilient Cities through Community Empowerment: Principles and Strategies for Taiwan

47-59                                  Jae-hyuck Lee, Yoon-hoon Son [Citation]

Government-led Ecotourism and Resident-led Ecotourism 

Time Series Analysing Stakeholder Subjectivity in Maha Ecotourism Site in Pyeongchang, Korea

60-79                                 Ninglong You, Zhenjiang Shen, Jen-Te Pai, Fumihiko Kobayashi [Citation]

Prospects for Sub-Regional Cooperation in Fujian and Taiwan from Perspective of Urban Planning System:A Case Study of Pingtan Experimental Area

80-92  Haoying Han, Liyun Lin [Citation]

Predicting Growth of City's Built-up Land Based on Scenario Planning

93-103  Ping Li, Kaiyong Wang, Tian Chen, Fuyuan Wang[Citation]

Negative Perceptions of Urban Tourism Community in Beijing: Based on Online Comments

104-112  Haoying Han, Xianfan Shu[Citation]

A Self-Adjusting Approach to Identify Hotspots