IRSPSD aims to explore sustainable urban forms within the disciplines of regional and urban planning. Considering the impact of planning policy on spatial planning implementation, we seek to develop bodies of knowledge from original studies and promote critical debates on emerging issues and practice from researchers on an integrated multidisciplinary platform that reflects a variety of perspectives—such as economic development, social equality and equity, and ecological protection— with a holistic view of achieving sustainable urban form.

Ahranyakumari Kumaraguruparan, Kuliyapiti W. J. Pushpakumara Wijesundara, Udawattage Gamini Dharmagupthe Weerasinghe [Citation]

Comparative Analysis of Expert and Public Perspectives on Prominent Urban Street Components Which Determine Physical Safety and Comfort of Users: Study of Colombo

2023 Volume 11 Issue 4 Pages 19-38  Download PDF (1126K)

Yazid bin Saleh , Mohamad Khairul Anuar bin Ghazali, Hanifah binti Mahat, Mohmadisa bin Hashim, Nasir bin Nayan, Rahma Hayati, Dedy Miswar [Citation]

The Heritage City Sustainability Index in Malaysia 

2023 Volume 11 Issue 4 Pages 39-53  Download PDF (727K)

Nataly Martynovych, Elіna Boichenko, Maryna Dielini [Citation]

Rebuilding of Ukraine After War: Special Restoration Regimes and Stimulation of Sustainable Development of Territories

2023 Volume 11 Issue 4 Pages 54-70 Download PDF (2453K)

Herry Santosa , Adipandang Yudono, Fauzul Rizal Sutikno, Muhammad Satya Adhitama, Herman Tolle, Eni Zuliana [Citation]

Visibility Evaluation of Historical Landmark Building Using Photographic Survey Coupled with Isovist and Viewshed Analysis

2023 Volume 11 Issue 4 Pages 71-92 Download PDF (7706K)

Winny Astuti, Paramita Rahayu , Erma Fitria Rini, Hakimatul Mukaromah [Citation]

Collaborative Resettlement Process :Assessment of resettlement project in Surakarta

2023 Volume 11 Issue 4 Pages 93-112  Download PDF (1163K)

Lydia Idir, Abdelouahab Bouchareb  [Citation]

Architecture and the Sacred Hermeneutic Approach - Case study of the Zawiya Ziyania in Kenadsa, Algeria

2023 Volume 11 Issue 4 Pages 150-166  Download PDF (1095K)

Sulaiman Zuhdi , Budiman Rusli, Rd Ahmad Buchari, Yogi Suprayogi Sugandi  [Citation]

Dynamic Policy Network of Urban Slum Settlement Collaboration: A Case Study of Pekanbaru, Riau Province, Indonesia Overview: Dynamic Policy Network of Urban Slum Settlement Collaboration

2023 Volume 11 Issue 4 Pages 167-184  Download PDF (1501K) 

Pornraht Pongprasert, Siravich Chatrkaw  [Citation]

Is Our Home Ready for Working from Home? An Analysis of Factors Associated with Residential Satisfaction of White-Collar Employees in Bangkok during the Covid-19 Pandemic

2023 Volume 11 Issue 4 Pages 185-204 Download PDF (611K)

Zeli Hu, Jeetesh Kumar, Suresh Kannam   [Citation]

Tourism Economic Impact Assessment Literature Review Using Bibliometric Tools

2023 Volume 11 Issue 4 Pages 205-223  Download PDF (495K)

Ali Nasiri, Seyedeh Samaneh Miresmaeeli, Farnaz Ghazi  [Citation]

Understanding How Local Governments Manage Socioeconomic Vulnerable Groups During Covid-19 Pandemic in Tehran's Municipality A Qualitative Study

2023 Volume 11 Issue 4 Pages 240-252  Download PDF (344K)