IRSPSD aims to explore sustainable urban forms within the disciplines of regional and urban planning. Considering the impact of planning policy on spatial planning implementation, we seek to develop bodies of knowledge from original studies and promote critical debates on emerging issues and practice from researchers on an integrated multidisciplinary platform that reflects a variety of perspectives—such as economic development, social equality and equity, and ecological protection— with a holistic view of achieving sustainable urban form.

Swasti Sharma, Ashutosh Saini, Bhavna Shrivastava, Ashwani Kumar [Citation]

Land Use Planning Practices in India: A systematic review

2023 Volume 11 Issue 3 Pages 1-19 Download PDF (814K)

Jing Lu, Alamah Misni [Citation]

Seniors’ Outdoor Survey: Comparing Assessment Results and Interrater Reliability for Outdoor Environmental Spaces A Case Study of Shuiqinggou Park, Qingdao City, China

2023 Volume 11 Issue 3 Pages 20-43  Download PDF (856K)

Yijia Miao, Stephen Siu Yu Lau [Citation]

Effect of Linear Building Blocks on the Wind Environment of Streets between High-Rise Buildings A case of Hong Kong

2023 Volume 11 Issue 3 Pages 63-77 Download PDF (1531K)


Clarence Dissanayake, Kawshalya LWG, Weerasinghe UGD [Citation]

The Influence of Planting Arrangement on Outdoor Thermal Comfort A simulation study in a tropical urban public square

2023 Volume 11 Issue 3 Pages 78-101 Download PDF (1015K)

Neeharika Kushwaha, Charu Nangia, Bhargav Adhvaryu [Citation]

Achieving Localization of SDG11: A critical review of South Asian region and learnings for India

2023 Volume 11 Issue 3 Pages 102-115  Download PDF (1142K)

Rima Beya Fares, Hocine Bougdah [Citation]

Cognitive Mapping and Wayfinding in Children’s Home- School Itinerary A systematic review

2023 Volume 11 Issue 3 Pages 132-151 Download PDF (1149K)

Arifuddin Akil, Ananto Yudono, Wiwik Wahidah Osman, Roslinda Ibrahim, Arief Hidayat [Citation]

Suitable Potential Locations for Street Vendors in Makassar City, Indonesia

2023 Volume 11 Issue 3 Pages 152-171  Download PDF (1427K)

Zaenal Siradjuddin [Citation]

Innovation on Mutual Cooperation Culture (Gotong Royong) Implementation for House Development  Case Study: Bajo Community in Kabalutan, Central Sulawesi, Indonesia

2023 Volume 11 Issue 3 Pages 172-191  Download PDF (770K)

Sana Djezzar, Yassine Bada [Citation]

Decoding Socio-Spatial Structural Constants in Syntactic Analysis of A Rural Settlement A case study of traditional settlements of the Southern slope of the Aurès Massif, Algeria

2023 Volume 11 Issue 3 Pages 192-213 Download PDF (1524K)

Mostafa Amirfakhrian [Citation]

Spatial Analysis of the Distribution of Specialist Physicians' Offices in Mashhad A pattern of inverse spatial diffusion

2023 Volume 11 Issue 3 Pages 214-227  Download PDF (603K)

Tahar Ledraa, Abdulaziz Aldegheishem [Citation]

Does City Size Affect COVID-19 Spread and Policy Measures? The case of Riyadh Province, Saudi Arabia

2023 Volume 11 Issue 3 Pages 228-243  Download PDF (546K)