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2013 Vol.1 Issue 4  

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Chih-Hong Huang, Pin-Yi Lin. [Citation]

The Influence of Evapotranspiration by Urban Greenery on Thermal Environment in Urban Microclimate


Yeou-Fong Li, Chung-Cheng Yu, Syun-Yu Chen, Badjie Sainey. [Citation]

The Carbon Footprint Calculation of the GFRP Pedestrian Bridge at Tai-Jiang National Park


Yuan Li, Lang He, Wangtu Xu, Hui Wang, Zizhang He. [Citation]

Using GIS and Hedonic in the modelling of spatial variation of housing price in Xiamen city


Chien-Yuan Lin, Yin-Ling Huang. [Citation]

Planning Review: Application of Vertical Greening for Landscape Beautification in Taipei