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Special issue on "Low carbon city in Asian Cities"

Guest Editors: Guangwei Huang and Zhenjiang Shen

2013 Vol.1 Issue 2  

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Guangwei Huang and Zhenjiang Shen

Editorial introduction: Special issue on "Low carbon city in Asian Cities"


 Xiaolu Gao, Jue Ji and Fang Wang. [Citation]

Spatial Pattern of Transportation Carbon Emission based on Behavior Zones: Evidence from Beijing,China


Jen-te Pai and Yong-Han Huang. [Citation]

The Travel Behaviours Change of the Residents of Transit Jointed Development in Taipei Metropolitan Area


Rehana Shrestha, Mark Zuidgeest, Johannes Flacke and Stefan Bakker. [Citation]

Paving the Pathway for Low Carbon Development: Urban Accessibility based Planning Support for Low Carbon Transport Development in Kathmandu


Danming Zhang, Zhenjiang Shen and Anrong Dang. [Citation]

Development Feasibility of Distributed Photovoltaic Power System in Residential Area of Chinese Cities

Editorial Introduction