International Review for Spatial Planning and Sustainable Development

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2020 Vol.8 Issue 4

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Ayça Hatice Türkan, Funda Erdugan, Süleyman Aldemir [Citation]

Spatial Patterns of Infant Mortality in Turkey between 2011 and 2016



Primož Medved, Jung In Kim, Matjaz Ursic [Citation]

The urban social sustainability paradigm in Northeast Asia and Europe



Jian Liu, Gaofeng Xu [Citation]

A Study on the Effectiveness of China’s Rural Land Reform Policies since the 1990s



Puteri Fitriaty, Iwan Setiawan Basri, Saiful Alam, Andi Jiba Rifai Bassaleng [Citation]

Resistive or Reflective?

Section : Planning Strategies and Design Concepts (Fuzhou Office)


Pornraht Pongprasert [Citation]

Understanding the Choice of Residential Location Near Transit Stations and Urban Rail Commuting:



Sara Boumezoued, Yassine Bada, Hocine Bougdah [Citation]

Pedestrian itinerary choice: between multi-sensory, affective and syntactic

aspects of the street pattern in the historic quarter of Bejaia, Algeria