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2014 Vol.2 Issue 4

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Respati Wikantiyoso, Pindo Tutuko

Editorial introduction
Special Issue on Local Wisdom for Better City Planning


Bambang Soemardiono, Ardhyasa Fabrian Gusm [Citation]

The Development of Code River Area in Yogyakarta as a Sustainable Urban Landscape Asset acknowledging Local Traditional Knowledge


Innocent Chirisa, Shingai T Kawadza, Archimedes Muzenda [Citation]

Unexplored Elasticity of Planning and Good Governance in Harare, Zimbabwe


Lalu Mulyadi [Citation]

Review on Main Characteristic of Historical City as an Urban Design Alternative: A case study in Cakranegara City, Indonesia

44-53 Xia Mo, Weiqiang Wang [Citation]

Review on a Practical Approach of Sustainable Urban Design Strategy in the Perspective of Conflict in Shanghai

54-67  Rudyanto Soesilo [Citation]

Local Wisdom As The Ontological Foundation To Postmodern Urban-Design In A Developing Country
The case of Semarang city, Mid-Java, Indonesia

68-80  Arifuddin Akil, Ananto Yudono, Ihsan Latief, Abdul Mufti Radja [Citation]

Application of Buginese-Makassarese culture in Makassar City, Indonesia
A Reference in the Coastal City Planning