IRSPSD aims to explore sustainable urban forms within the disciplines of regional and urban planning. Considering the impact of planning policy on spatial planning implementation, we seek to develop bodies of knowledge from original studies and promote critical debates on emerging issues and practice from researchers on an integrated multidisciplinary platform that reflects a variety of perspectives—such as economic development, social equality and equity, and ecological protection— with a holistic view of achieving sustainable urban form.

Feature Paper

Dr. Harry den Hartog [Citation]

Faculty of Architecture, Department of Urbanism, TU Delft

Rural to Urban Transitions at Shanghai's Fringes Explaining spatial transformation in the backyard of a Chinese mega-city with the help of the Layers-Approach

International review for spatial planning and sustainable development, Vol.5 No.4, 54-72   Download PDF (1295K)

This paper will explore the (spatial) consequences of urban pressure on Shanghai’s rural fringes, focusing on the case of Chongming Eco-Island, which belongs administratively to Shanghai. The current top-down policy to transform Chongming into an Eco-Island is not yet working as promised in various policies. Via field observations, interviews with more than twenty-five stakeholders, and policy reviews, this paper explores to what extent the plans of the national government on Chongming Eco-Island are being implemented and how it is possible to steer the developments into a more sustainable direction. To be able to mitigate the negative impacts for the natural and man-made environment a transition in spatial planning and design approaches is urgently needed. For this to occur, it has to be made clear which factors can explain the process of seemingly unbridled urbanisation at Shanghai’s fringes, and which role planning processes play in this development. 

Newly published issue

International Review for Spatial Planning and Sustainable Development, 2022, 10(1)

Eleventh papers are published in this issue, including case studies in Algeria, China, Indonesia, Iran, South Korea, Thailand. Three papers focus on planning concepts on big data and personal information protection, residents’ sense of heritage place, assessment for ecovillage development; Two papers conduct planning analysis on socio-environmental quality, ecological footprint scenario; another two papers take traditional housing project, bus rapid transit project and smart city project as research targets. Finally, there are three papers look into the planning problems of luxurious condominium prices, shrinking cities, convenience and service access in urban areas.


Yong Lin, Zhenjiang Shen, Xiao Teng [Citation]

Personal Information Protection and Interest Balance Based on Rational Expectation in the Era of Big Data: A Case on the Sharing of Mobile Phone Signaling Big Data in Smart City Planning

2022 Volume 10 Issue 1 Pages 1-23 Download PDF (621K)

Christin Dameria, Ros Akbar, Petrus Natalivan Indradjati, Dewi Sawitri Tjokropandojo. [Citation]

The relationship between residents’ sense of place and sustainable heritage behaviour in Semarang Old Town, Indonesia

2022 Volume 10 Issue 1 Pages 24-42  Download PDF (1273K)

Toufik Mezerdi, Azeddine Belakehal, Imene Sfaksi [Citation]

Impact of the socio-environmental quality of the courtyard house on occupant satisfaction: The case of M’chouneche Oasis, Algeria

2022 Volume 10 Issue 1 Pages 74-98 Download PDF (2098K)

Eko Budi Santoso, Belinda Ulfa Aulia, Tita Almira Desiana [Citation]

Ecological Footprint Scenario Based on Dynamic System Model in Gerbangkertosusila Region, Overview: A Regional Scenario on Spatial Planning for Sustainable Land-Use
2022 Volume 10 Issue 1 Pages 99-116  Download PDF (1248K)


When submitting a manuscript, please select one from the following four sections: A- Planning Strategies and Design concepts, B-Planning Analysis and Simulation, C- Planning and Design Implementation, and D- Planning Assessment.



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