International Review for Spatial Planning and Sustainable Development A

Planning Strategies and Design Concepts

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VOl.7(2019) Issue 1 


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Nassima MouadaNoureddine ZemmouriRim Meziani[Citation]

Urban morphology, outdoor thermal comfort and walkability in hot, dry cities:

134-154                          Zhuoqun GaoNairong TanR. Richard GeddesTao Ma[Citation]

Population Distribution Characteristics and Spatial Planning Response Analysis in Metropolises:



      Meng-Ju Lin, Kuang-Hui Peng, Lih-Yau Song[Citation]

       Study on the Strategies of Regional Cooperative Funeral Facilities:                                        


Ruitong Cheng, Wenhui Chen, Sijia Wu, Jinhuang Lin [Citation]

Spatiotemporal Variation Characteristics of Ecosystems and their Driving Forces in the Min Delta Urban Agglomeration