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VOl.6(2018) Issue 3 


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Souhaila Bendjedidi, Yassine Bada, Rim Meziani[Citation]

Open spaces: spatial configuration, visibility analysis and use


Qingming Zhan, Fang Zou, Weisi Zhang, Yinghui Xiao


Research and Practice on Disaster Prevention Planning in Villages based on Planning Support System


Di Hu, Jen-Te Pai, Yu-Yun Chen [Citation]

A Study of Flood Disaster Risk Communication Model and Adaptive Behaviours for River-Watershed residents in Taiwan


Qingming Zhan, Yuli Fan, Yinghui Xiao, Wanlu Ouyang, Yuliang Lan, Zhicheng Jin, Jie Yin, Li Zhang [Citation]

Sustainable Strategy: Comprehensive Computational Approach for Wind Path Planning in Dense Urban Area

165-179 Ryohei Yamashita [Citation]

Key factors on migration assuming disaster risk of a megathrust earthquake